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Istanbul Sapphire Observation Deck
Istanbul Sapphire Observation Deck
Emniyet Evleri Mahallesi, Eski Buyukdere Caddesi, No:1/1
Tel.: +90 212 268 83 83

Istanbul Sapphire Observation Deck
  • Overview
The construction of Istanbul Sapphire, arising in the fabulous silhouette of Istanbul as one of the most important representatives of contemporary architecture, began in March 2006. Total construction area is 165.139 m2. Developed by Kiler GYO, Istanbul Sapphire not only is a landmark in thecity but also the most prestigious project of the region offering Residences, a Shopping Mall, and an Observation Deck.

Designed by Tabanlioglu Mimarlik, Istanbul Sapphire is 261-meter highand has 66 stories 56 of which are above the ground. Its altitude above the sea level is 368 meters.

A unique gift to Istanbul from the highest residential building of Europe and Turkey...
With a magnificent view of Istanbul, 236-meters high Istanbul Sapphire Observation Deck is the first and only observation deck in Turkey. It is the only address to see the maximum of Istanbul in the minimum period of time.

108.000 m2 of concrete were used. 29.000 tons of iron were used. 55.000 m2 of glass facade system were used. 280.000 m3 of mold were applied. 168 km of pipes were used. The wind and different facade tests were performed in Germany.

It comprises 187 luxurious residences. Environmentally friendly skyscaper. Vertical Gardens: With the “DoubleFacade” application, natural air, soil and plants have been combined to gether to create vertical gardens. Flat Altitute : With its gross story height of 4-meters. Common Social Areas: 6.000 square meters in total.

The East and the West, traditional and contemporary have come to gether in a unique shopping experience, in the highest building of Europe and Turkey, with an easily accessible location in the heart of the city. Sapphire Çarsi includes a bazaar floor housing traditional flavors. It accommodates the unique flavors of Turkish and international cuisines.