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Satrapia Boutique Hotel Cappadocia
Satrapia Boutique Hotel Cappadocia
Cappadocia / Nevşehir
Eski Mahalle, Mizanoglu Alibey Sk. No: 10 Ortahisar - Ürgüp
Tel.: +90 384 343 33 46

Satrapia Boutique Hotel CappadociaSatrapia Boutique Hotel CappadociaSatrapia Boutique Hotel Cappadocia
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Satrapia was “a dream of an architect couple”; in other words, it was our dream. This would be the summary of Satrapia’s background story.

It was a dream started with a charcoal drawing and came true after hardwork made in seven years. Our dear father Alaattin Turhan who served as a governor of Nevsehir from 2003 to 2006 ended this dignified job in this vicinity due to the age limit. Based on our mother’s wish and taste, they set up a stone home for themselves reflecting vicinity’s colors.

They created a life in touch with history and culture, alone with nature and far from country life. They created an organic life, so to speak. We started to “Satrapia” project with a desire to spread this elusive synergy, which was brought in a small Anatolian town, throughout the country and then the world. For this happen, we worked as hard as bees, as stitching embroidery and raising a child. Now, we came to these days.

We tried to reflect that modest house’s soul on each part of the site. We regarded every detail as our priority so as not to regret not doing it. We put a high priority on all our guests’ pleasure in a sense of belonging which starts from the moment they step into the hotel until they leave and accomodation experience that they never met before.

We wish you to enjoy both history and the moment, to meet in the memories that you feel youself special, relaxing and happy and to share and maximize this synergy.

Hotel has an area of 3000 m², including the landscape area and 6 independently located mansions – one of which is Satrapia Mansion, including the restaurant section. With its 20 stone rooms and 9 cave rooms, hotel is designed in a way that it serves you in any month of any season.

CARIA MANSION; 4 Suites, 3 Deluxe Rooms, 4 Superior Rooms

ARTAPHERNES MANSION; 3 Superior Rooms, 2 Golden Suites

TISSAPHERNES MANSION; 2 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Superior Rooms

SARD HOME; 2 Superior Rooms 2 Golden Suites

MILETUS MANSION; 3 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Golden Suites (One of them is available for our disabled guests) Miletus Auditorium

Among Natural Stones, In The Middle Of A Dream...

Be prepared for luxury and an unforgettable experience in one of our Stone Rooms, each of which has individually decorated concepts, colours and details, with the positive e_ect that natural stone walls have on people’s energy.


Two-bedroom “Family Suite” is in the e¬ffect of the colors which symbolizes mystery, power, control, passion and nobility and which increases concentration, emotional commitment and self-confedence. As you can enjoy sleeping in our cozy beds in both sections of the floor-heating warm rooms with your family, you can also prefer to use one of the section, only to read your book or surf on the net on your laptop.

You will let the time go in our “Family Suite” where you can find modern and tradition in perfect match.

Brown is a color which is the symbol of naturality, balance and feeling safe. And “Diplomat Suite” is in a perfect match with white which is the symbol of purity, innocence and stability.

“Pink Suite” in which romance, empathy and sympathy are symbolyzed through the color “pink” tranquilizes sentimental energy, defuses tension as it increases courage.


Green symbolizes harmony, balance and growth. Correspondingly, "Green Room" increases desires for possessing, freshness and fertility.

Red is a color of energy, action, desire, passion and lust. Therefore, "Red Room" has stimulant, seditious, and courageous e¬ffect on us and it also stimulate the appetite and increases blood pressure.

Our special Deluxe Rooms in Artaphernes Mansion with a great view, where you can enjoy the unique and warm atmosphere of jacuzzi and replace.


"Blue Room" in which communication, peace and calm are symbolized, increases desire to be visionary, systematic and disciplined.

"Yellow Room" represents happiness, optimism, communication and new ideas and it increases desire to develop creative, critical thinking and decision making abilities.

“Cream Room" carries the symbols of purity and turning over a new leaf increases desires to be visionary and organized. As soon as you enter this special room in Tissaphernes Mansion, you will feel yourself in a white tale. You will find a special jacuzzi part to get over tiredness you feel after a Cappadocia tour, near jacuzzi there is a cozy bed onto which you can leave yourself like a feather and an inspirational work table in the corner.


it is a life room, a Golden Suite for the ones who prefer traditional lifestyle, which has been distinctively decorated and takes you travelling in time through its natural stone walls, antique carpets and furnishing.


It is known that natural rock stones have positive effects on people. They accumulate energy vibration on themselves, which creates positive effect on people on whom they distributed that energy.

You will feel that positive effect as you first step into our Cave Rooms. Besides, you will find a practical room built carefully around the natural stone walls and ceilings with their organic states, a jacuzzi offering an unforgettable experience and a door opening into the garden through its natural balcony. You are invited to a tale…


As we were setting up our restaurant with a capacity of 100 persons, we aimed to o¬er you an unusual experience appealing to your five senses.

First, sight…

Restaurant offers you a visual feast with its unique colors, furniture and partly-decorated antiques. Even the location of the restaurant was determined according to the unique panoramic view of the region which is seen through the terrace so that you can enjoy the moment during your meal.


Audio system is hidden in decorations. Live performances of dignified musicians or soul-pleasing sets and exclusive tracks will be performed in order that you remember perfect acoustics and timbre of our restaurant even after you leave Satrapia.


We want you to always remember the smell of our dishes which include all organic, farm-to-table vegetables and fresh leaves of spices and the smell of the hand-made jams all of which are made by freshly and seasonably picked fruits and served in breakfast.


You will see that everything you see in this epochal journey is real as soon as you feel the sense of touch.

And Taste…

We want you to complement all of these senses with an original feast of taste.

One Step To Nature;

There are 22 rooms opening directly to outdoor in Satrapia. In the mornings you wake up, you will be met by an incomparable view of nature and history.

Disabled Friendly Satrapia;

We have accessible rooms and a two-person panoramic elevator so that our phisically disabled, old guests and guests with kids can move around with ease. Thus, elevation difference in the field has been easily resolved.

Sanitary Water;

Satrapia’s water which comes to 22,5 tone stainless steel water tank is softened. After puri cation of bacteria, water is brought into domestic use.

Maximum Technology Minimal Appearance;

You will encounter with functional and technological solutions within the general concept and soul of Satrapia in every point of the hotel.

Hidden TVs and minibars in each room are built within furniture. Similarly, lighting cables are carefully hidden in the hotel.

Jacuzzi Joy in Each Room;

Each room in Satrapia includes a jacuzzi. It is a standard. On the other hand, steam bath and sauna varies from room to room. You can get over the tiredness you feel after Cappadocia tour through a jacuzzi joy.

Open-Air Cinema Joy in Wooden Terrace;

Roof garden of which landscape and coating works are being continued will bring into service as a terrace bar and open-air cinema in the spring.

Broadcast system placed in the roof garden which hosts concept parties and offers you enjoying the moment on the floor cushion toward the excellent view has been arranged in the capability of watching a film in three different languages at the same time.

Professional Butler Service;

Satrapia Boutique Hotel offers butler service to its guests and achieves high standards! The butler is a key element in a team of professionals striving to deliver a level of personalized service that exceeds not only the expectation of the client but will add his personal attributes to enhance the service provided within the private residence or hotel.

Our professional butler team who switched to our hotel from famous Tourism firms is discreet, confident and able to converse freely with the principles. With smiling and professional demeanor, the team represents Satrapia’s perfect and naive service mentality.