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Abdi İpekci caddesi, Bostan Sokak No: 8 Nisantasi
Tel.: +90 212 291 62 92
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If you are looking for the “unique”,

ARMAGGAN is the right place. Not only for shopping, but also for exploring Turkey’s cultural heritage. You should not miss this experience…

ARMAGGAN is a Turkish design and manufacturing brand that produces limited edition handcrafted contemporary design products. It reinterprets the traditional heritage with a contemporary approach. It is an unusual brand. It designs and manufactures exclusive and limited edition collections, which are presented under the motto Unique by Design. At its 2 stores, the brand’s unique high jewelry, silver, marble, porcelain, ceramic wood and glass objects, home textiles, natural dye textile products, carpets, leather goods are presented. They are hand-made and crafted in different ateliers of ARMAGGAN with traditional production techniques. As the objects are handcrafted by a number of Turkish designers, every piece is produced in a limited edition and therefore of high value. The design objects of ARMAGGAN bring simplicity and traditional competence together.

Nuruosmaniye store;
ARMAGGAN’s second store, located in Nuruosmaniye Avenue, the historic and touristic heart of Istanbul, was opened on May 2011. Besides exclusive pieces of jewelry, design objects, natural dye textiles, carpets, leather and home textile collections, at the Nuruosmaniye store, there are also to be experienced: NAR Gourmet, NAR Restaurant, NAR Coffeehouse, the YESAM Culinary Arts Center, the ARMAGGAN Art Gallery and a four-storey-high vertical garden.

Nisantasi store
ARMAGGAN opened its first store on Abdi Ipekçi, the most glamorous shopping avenue of Istanbul in the Nisantasi district. An exclusive collection of diamond and gold jewelry, silver and marble objects, home textile and naturally dyed textiles are presented at the seven-storey shop.

Two floors of the seven storey shop are presenting ARMAGGAN’s jewelry collections, as well on others there can be found interior design objects, home textiles and naturally dyed textiles in a re-interpreted contemporary style.

ARMAGGAN’s contemporary designs combine exquisite hand craftsmanship with brilliant and mine-cut diamonds, the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones and pearls in an exclusive collection produced by its own team of talented designers and artisans. All ARMAGGAN Jewelry Collections feature the exclusive, trademark shade of 18 karat gold.

Naturally Dyed Textiles
ARMAGGAN’s Naturally Dyed Textiles Collections embody Turkey’s cultural heritage with their natural dyes and prints, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, hand-sewn stitching techniques, regional and historic Anatolian embroidery techniques and designs, serving as a transmitter of Turkish cultural traditions through efforts to revive the art of hand-woven silk fabric both through bespoke production and by creating a new and modern interpretation of centuries-old Anatolian designs.

ARMAGGAN Art &Design Gallery

ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery, located on the third floor of ARMAGGAN Nuruosmaniye store, was established to support aspiring young artists and give art-lovers a chance to discover new and creative ideas. In addition to building a name for itself locally, ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery also seeks to earn itself a place on the international arts calendar by hosting exhibitions that draw worldwide attention to both Nuruosmaniye district and Turkey. At the same time, the gallery also hopes to give its artists the opportunity to participate in international arts fairs.

Again under the roof of Nuruosmaniye store there can be found an unique approach of reviving and preserving the a piece of past culture: YESAM revives forgotten dishes and styles of cooking in the Turkish culture and passes them to next generations. Supported by the Turkish Cultural Foundation, directed by Vedat Basaran, YESAM has three conference rooms, a show kitchen and a world cuisine research library.

NAR Restaurant and NAR Gourmet
NAR Gourmet, which breaths fresh life into centuries-old Anatolian culinary traditions is the newest must-try destination on the Istanbul culinary map. With a capacity of 30 seating places, at the ARMAGGAN Nuruosmaniye store, it offers Turkish and Ottoman cuisine from “ the palace” to “the countryside”. Also there is a wide selection of Nar Gourmet specialties like fine olive oils, tart molasses, homemade jams and marmalade, as well as organic dried fruits, rock candy, grape molasses and traditional Turkish Delight.