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Superplast Aesthetic Surgery
Superplast Aesthetic Surgery
Hakkı Yeten Cad. Teşvikiye Mah. Fulya Terrace İş Merkezi. No:13 Center: 2 Kat: 9 Şişli
Tel.: +90 212 233 60 60
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"Dream yourself again and inspire everyone with ‘Superplast - center to find yourself "

Think about a beauty and aesthetic complex in Nisantasi with a magic stick that creates miracle in everything it touches. Superplast Aesthetic and Surgery Complex is waiting to be the magic stick that will touch to your dreams too. This aesthetic surgery center, in a 7 storey building, is giving service with its 50 qualified staff, including 8 professional doctors.

The complex has 8 private rooms, 3 general and 3 local in total 6 operating rooms, 2 smiling studios that are pioneer in dental operations. The complex is giving service in aesthetic surgery, micro surgery, hand surgery, high-tech laser, ultrasound, IPL, radiofrequency applications, dental aesthetic and health, hair health and implant.

Now close your eyes and dream yourself from your head to your foot! The place has a legendary interior decoration…

Exhibiting itself to whole world, as if it is working with pleasure. The pleasure it gets from its perfect look also reflects to the patients and creates the sense of being a part of this perfection. Statues prepared especially for this center by a famous sculptor, illumination/elegant lights, neatly prepared details with simple and modern design impress you about professional usage of visual and aesthetic values.

We can say that each and every day the interest of men for aesthetics is reaching to
the level of women. Men especially prefer operations like slimlipo/laserlipolis which help them to eliminate the fats in underpart of chin, waist, belly and breast tissues, rejuvenation of nose and face, laser epilation, facial stretching and hair implant.

Whereas women are going to these centers for breast enlargement/reduction, fat elimination from every part of the body with slimlipo/laserlipolis including belly, waist, hips, underpart of chin, legs and ankle, stretching and rejuvenation of nose and face.

In addition to the face stretching, forehead stretching, nose, eyelid aesthetic, eyebrow lifting, slimlipo/lazerlipoliz, belly stretching, rich fat injection from root cell, ear aesthetics, breast enlargement/reduction, gynecomastia, chin aesthetics, butt lifting, arm and leg stretching, dental health and aesthetics, hair treatment and implant surgeries; medical aesthetic treatments such as botox, filling, laser epilation, chemical/normal skin care, prp, pimple/acne treatment, wrinkle treatment,skin rejuvenation, scar treatment, laser cellulite/capillary vein and varix treatment, ultherapy are performed successfully in Superplast.

The different techniques used in this aesthetic and beauty center, is one of the most important reasons why Superplast is preferred by many people. Even big surgeries like breast enlargement/reduction and belly stretching can be performed without the need for general anesthesia, only by local anesthesia and sedation.

By using laser in most of the operations the clichéof ‘No Lancet’ has been turned to real. By benefiting from extraordinary support of laser, the share of surgical operations has been decreased from %100 to %20. In this share of %20 cuts are made in a minimum level and with miraculous power of laser, and surgical operations that are comfortable, that have very short healing periods, and that provide perfect results are performed. Possible edema that might occur after operation, uncomfortable situations like puffiness or purple spots can be minimized with laser operations or even might not happen. By choosing convenient laser for the treatment only with sensitive lasers for the problem, tissues around the surgical part are not damaged. (For example; lasers that are programmed for fat burning are only sensitive to fat tissues, and do not affect other tissues.) While various lasers used are performing the treatment for the part of the body with the problem, by combining different lasers skin quality is increased.

By combining these techniques patient comfort is increased and healing period is shortened. With doctors that have different professions, all problems are solved and patients can be discharged even the same day of operation. This is one of the most important reasons why people from Türkiye and out of Türkiye are surging into Superplast. One of the other reasons is, the patients are not misinformed about the use of laser like the other centers. First of all, laser is an empowered light in single wavelength.

Since beam in every wavelength creates different effect; this light in single wavelength can be used only in treatment of one single problem. For example; laser used for laser epilation in a laser center established by buying one laser device will be unsuccessful if facial rejuvenation or cellulite/capillary vein/varix treatment is made. However with different excuses you might be convinced that treatment is not convenient for you and you might be deceived. Superplast has various different lasers for different treatments. Some of these high-tech devices are: Palomar Starlux 500 series Lux 1540 fractional erbium laser, Lux 2940 fractional erbium laser, Max G, Lux Deep Ir, Lux G, Lux Y/S, Lux R, Lux 1064, Co2 laser, Alexandrite Cynosure Apogee, Ulthera Series, and devices with FDA certified laser platforms unique for hair and highest standards in laser technology. Superplast provides highest patient satisfaction with these devices.

Superplast, is a center that the world’s most developed laser technologies are used. There is a reason why I use the phrase “the world’s”: Professional Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Superplast Surg. Dr. Hüseyin Güner, Surg. Dr. Coskun Levent Tasçi, Surg. Dr. Cihangir Toraman, Surg. Dr. Ali Duman, Surg. Dr. Kaan Gideroglu, Anesthesia and Reanimation Doctor Aysun Küçük, Anesthesia and Reanimation Doctor Vedat Emir and Dental Surgeon Bülent Inan’in are carefully following latest technology, and after various long researches they are buying most developed devices. For example; slimlipo device which has surpassed liposuction, and become world’s number one in fat elimination is a high-tech device that is FDA certified, and exists 150 places in USA and only in Superplast in Türkiye. Thanks to this device without damaging surrounding tissues only fat tissues are targeted, and in one séance excess fats are eliminated. After a 1-hour operation that will be performed under local anesthesia you can go back to your work or enjoy your coffee in Nisantasi.

With 3D Vectra Series that is imported after a long evaluation process, your three dimensional photo is taken before the surgery. Thus, you can specify the surgery result you dream before the operation for your belly, breast, neck, cleavage and face sections and never have a surprise. This and other devices mentioned above, are devices that Superplast invested to itself, namely to you, not to the doctors. The value given to its patients, is one of the most important reasons that is attracting everyone interested in aesthetic and plastic surgery, including famous persons from Türkiye and out of Türkiye to Superplast. All is in your service to help you reach your dreams n a more comfortable way and shorter time…

Painter,academician,fashiondesigner,housewife, banker, businessman/businesswoman, advertiser, manager, doctor, engineer, journalist whatever your job is we become ordinary in life and start to look like the others. However, first of all, do we look like ourselves?