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Kavaklıdere Anatolian Wines
Kavaklıdere Anatolian Wines

Tel.: +90 312 847 50 73
  • Overview
Kavaklidere Winery, the first private sector wine producer in Turkey, is founded by Cenap And in 1929 in Ankara, it has steadily developed to become Turkey’s leading wine producer.

Our company owns 610 hectares of vineyards in the most important wine producing area of Anatolia, where our professional wine growers strives to maintain the perfect grapes-soil-climate equation and increase the potential of the vines that produce the grapes that have been successful in the production of Anatolian Wines for hundreds of years and intoduce wines from international grape varieties grown in Anatolia’s varied micro-climates to achive their best potential when they are transformed in to wine.

As our company celebrates 83nd year, our products are been produced in modern facilities and vineyards located in Ankara-Akyurt, Cappadocia-Gülsehir and Aegean-Kemaliye-Pendore.

Kavaklidere Winery has a storage capacity for 19,5 milion liters and export almost 20 % of its production, which consists of 49 different wines, plus grape juices to European, American and Far Eastern markets.