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Nakilbent Sok. No:33 Sultanahmet – Eminonu
Tel.: +90 212 516 52 22
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The Turkish word Nakkas translates to a miniaturist or  muralist.

The wonderful shopping store named “NAKKAS”, located in the Sultanahmet district (old city) of Istanbul, makes available the quality, craftsmanship and artisan traditions of fine weavings, ceramics and jewellery.

Nakkas has a multilingual, professional staff dedicated to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Our staff will provide expert advice to ensure that every customer receives the finest service and confidence in their purchases.

Nakkas has been built on top of a carefully restored 6th century Byzantine cistern. A visit to this column-filled cistern is the first step to an exciting shopping adventure.

Nakkas has a stimulating and relaxing ambience which will provide fond memories...


Nakkas offers a wide range of weavings that include the finest carpets and kilims. They range from room-sized carpets in exquisite patterns and harmonious colours to rare, collectible antique rugs.

Kilims of all sizes are available and have the patterns and colour palettes that have made them the choice of so many interior designers. The quality of our carpets and kilims is carefully  controlled and only the best hand made weavings are stocked.

Nakkas is staffed with professionals who are experts and have a dealer tradition going back over three generations.


Rings, bracelets and necklaces, all worn originally as amulets to protect against evil eye and evil spirits have come up to date as a rich jewellery heritage.

Today you can see in our collection designs alluding to ancient symbols. Jewellery with old motifs such as bird, fish, frog andthe sun have a rich past associated with happiness, prosperity and fertility.

Nakkas offers a splendid collection of jewellery inspired by the artistic history of Anatolian civilizations and the creativity of contemporary artists.

Our jewellery is made out of the highest quality gold, platinum, precious and semi-precious stones. The jewellery collection has the most innovative designs and manifest the finest craftsmanship and quality.


Turkish Ceramic Arts work follows its traditions from the 8th and 9th centuries AD. It also introduces modern art ideas and designs that carry the traditional secrets of Turkish handmade ceramics and pottery, combining a modern touch of the 21st century technology in a historical art form.

Nakkas offers the best quality, handmade and handpainted, world famous Turkish Ceramics and Tiles.

We carefully select the finest examples of traditional and modern designed Iznik and Kütahya Ceramics. Each art piece is custom ordered to local worldwide famous artists signing everyone of their achievements.